Monday, February 20, 2012

All That Glitters

Here we are, anchored in Big Majors Spot close to Staniel Cay.  This is my favourite part of the Bahamian experience:  gently rocking at anchor, enjoying the sea breezes, jumping off the back deck into the warm waters to swim.

Hey!  Look what's hanging out underneath my boat!!!!!!!

That's one BIG barracuda--almost 5 feet long.  He has HUGE eyes to catch sight of shiny objects which he thinks might be good to eat.  He has ENORMOUS teeth to shred his prey.  I definitely want to avoid being prey.

Look what I make sure to take off before I go swimming!!!

Hopefully, the small silver rings in my earlobes are too small and covered by my mask for him to see.

Good night all.  Sleep tight in your cradles/rocking berths.

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