Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday at Sunset Bay Marina

Up and at 'em by 7:30am.  Glorious sunshine.  He is Risen!

First on the agenda:  get a cab to River Forest Marina to pick up our truck.  We have to have wheels.  Sweet baby has been pining for us all winter, hiding out in a warehouse, waiting for us to return and claim her.

Second:  breakfast.  Have you ever dined at the fine food restaurant called "The Cracker Barrel"?  Waddle in with the rest of America and you will feel right at home.  If the line up for seating is too long, you can laze in a rocking chair on the porch until they call for you.  Once at your table, a sweet-young-thing will smile you to death and call you "you'all", take your order and deliver forthwith, still smiling.  It's hard to not like it there, even if you get sick afterwards.  (Of course, it could just be me--I get sick wherever I eat out for breakfast.  I am allergic to breakfast.  I'll save that for another post.)

Third:  We had 24 hours from arrival Stateside to clear Customs and Immigration, requiring a 45 km. drive to the St. Lucie Airport in Fort Pierce.  Hence, the need of wheels.   As our US cruising permit had expired while we were away, we had to get a new one, even thought Steadfast will not be "cruising" but in storage for the next 9 months.  We have gotten used to the officious, gun-toting bureaucrat behind the bullet-proof window.  Captain B thinks the man has mellowed over the past 12 years we have been dealing with him.  I think Captain B has gotten used to the hoops he has had to jump through and has given up umbrage over them.  ha.

Fourth:  Back to the boat to give Nelson some time outside.  There is a wonderful park and river walk close by.  There are also delightful boutique opportunities too, which makes walks all the more fun for me.  As Captain B changed the oil in the transmissions, washed the engine room, made charts and lists for the marina manager when we see him, I read my book by Patricia Cornwall, did my nails and walked the dog.  My new name is "Boat Princess" which I like much better than "Boat Fluff".  Can a Captain mutiny, or just crew????  My heavy duties begin tomorrow.

We were unable to log into our home church website in time for Easter service today, but we did connect on Good Friday in time for the communion service.  One of the wonders and benefits of the Web.  Here's hoping you had a wonderful family weekend and many blessings as we celebrated Jesus' victory over death and the grave.  Blessings to you all.

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