Thursday, March 14, 2013

This 'n That

The weather has us holed up in Compass Cay for the past week and a half.  High winds and waves.  No fishing, poor wifi connections, even our phone reception is poor.  I've never seen this marina so even rafted together!

While we languish in Paradise, we've been busy enough, catching up on chores and learning new skills.

You guys know me, fishing always comes first.  And so, it was time to re-spool my reels.  The line that was left was getting less and less as I cut off hunks of tangles and fractures.

Holding the spool with my toes....

I cranked the line onto the reel.

Ta Da!  All done, ready for the next fishing excursion.

Meanwhile, we had a table emergency.  Our salon high-low dining table took it into its head to rise to the fullest extent of its ability.  We could eat right off the plates under our chins--no forks needed.  This job took two days and several consultant-helpers to resolve the problem.

Nelson gave supervision, advising on the best approaches (Read: just got in the way, trying to figure out this new game.)

Then there were the new teak chairs for the aft deck.  Yes, teak!  Never needs work, will weather to a soft grey patina.  Or, looked at another way, I'd rather varnish them twice a year and have them a lovely, golden, shining thing of beauty.

Captain B doing his engine room yoga...

Eureka! he found an aneurism on an engine hose, leading from the raw water engine hose, to the transmission oil cooler.  Ummmm.....  All I can tell you is, it would have been game over if the thing had let go under way.  A tour of downtown Nassau found the replacement parts needed and we hardly missed a beat.  Yeah for Captain B!!

Now this next little situation showed, we are much more spoiled, sitting in the lap of luxury, than we had previously given ourselves credit for.  The hot water heater sprang a leak and drained out our whole supply of water onboard.

Well, the watermaker got to work and replenished our supply forthwith.  As for hot water, well, 
-We can live without it don't you think?  
-No problem.


Off again on another shopping spree, looking for the hiking, camper's friend, the solar hot water bag.  This was going to work just fine.  Five gallons would warm in the sun on the back deck, suspend from the hand rails over the aft shower vent and do the trick of keep down the screams produced by frigid water on tender body parts early in the mornings.

Not one to be bested by engine-room gremlins, Captain B got to work and deciphered the problem.  He stripped the outer casing and insulation off a portion of the heater.  He miraculously, with his captain's intuition, found the pea-sized leaking hole.  JB Weld and an old screw plugged the leak and we were back in water showers at our leisure once more.  A new hot water heater is now added to the replenishing list when we get back to the States.  Steadfast is one well maintained boat :)

Captain encourages guests to wake him if they hear anything that causes concern in the night.  Never has a guest woken us--for any reason.  The Captain himself though, will leap from his bed and rush around in the dark.  
-Did you hear that?  Something is rubbing, dripping, bumping, grinding, breathing.....

Today, we are on the trail of an innocuous leak... the water pump turns on every four or five hours, for no apparent reason.  Captain B had been listening to it all night.  So far, we've emptied the forward hatches, checked the forward bilge, explored around the washing machine, under the galley sink, in the forward head.  Nothing is immediately obvious, and so we will lay awake again tonight listening for the pump.  

As for learning new skills, I have taken up basket weaving 101.
These are made from the Silver Palm fronds just emerging as new spring growth.  My technique leaves a lot to be desired, but I am improving slowly.  I'm going for a big round one now, and plan on an oval shaped cracker-carrier next.  Fun in the sun, in a different way.
Welcome to the life of live-aboard cruisers.

I hear the snow is melting at home, and that tulips are making their first pokes up into the sunshine.  A new kitten is giving Nemo a run for his money (fat old cat) and the pneumonia sufferer is improving by the day.  Tell me your news, keep me in the loop.  Steadfast will be turning towards home before too long and I will have some catching up to do.  Until then, we are relishing every day of togetherness and rest while we have them.  Blessings to you all.


thisisme said...

Gosh Rosemary, it's all been happening in your little part of the world, keeping you and the Captain very busy! I'm with you on the teak by the way! We have several benches in the garden, but I must rather have them looking shiny and golden!! I'm very impressed with your basket weaving by the way. Take care.

Tami said...

Well there goes my visions of luxurious life at sea. :) Sounds a lot like home - with a better view.

Hope all your mechanical parts are back to working in ship-shape.

And your baskets are gorgeous. That's a new skill I would like to learn.

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

You guys have been busy. Your weaving is so cool. It brought back memories for me. I remember learning it in high school art. I have not done it sense then. I should learn how to do it again.

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

You have the most amazing adventures!!! Adore the baskets- I would so love to be able to do that myself.

Veronica Lee said...

Love the baskets!!! Is there anything you can't do???? LOL!

Pat Tillett said...

My friend always told me that the maintenance on a boat NEVER ends. It seems like you guys keep up with it though!

In our world, we run into snowbirds of another sort. The kind that go south in RV's. Lot's of them too. Mostly from Canada. The California and Arizona deserts are full of them this time of year.