Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bold, Restless Extremes

Today I wore red pants, a red sweater and a bright orange BIG BAG, with black flats.

Taken together with my white hair, it's a pretty edgy presentation.

-You look like Doris, he said.
-Really?  My mother-n-law????
-Yeah, she wore a lot of red.

Hubby is Conservative, with a capital C, especially in regards to clothes, mine, and particularly his own.  The number one go-to items in his wardrobe are several, identical pairs of black jeans.  Top that with a button-down, heavily starched shirt and he's done.  It's a uniform--every day, every venue, every agonizing avoidance of change.

For my part, colour, style, texture, comfort and cost are all considerations when it comes to choosing what to wear and the more variety the better, in my book.  It's an ongoing issue. 

-oooo...try this.  It would look amazing on you, I suggest.  He doesn't even look at whatever it might be.

-You're not going to wear THAT, are you?  It's sooooo...(choose one:) short, see-thru, clingy, revealing, loud, strange, he worries when he see's me dressed for an outing.

Between us there exists a tension between opposite extremes in the world of fashion.  It's been push and pull for the past many years and it's getting worse.  He is more set in his ways, and I am getting bolder.  At my age, why not risk a bit of flare?  At his age, why bother? 

Under the banner of "live and let live", we are "dressing and wearing".  Personal preferences are allowed free expression.  Every once in a while, for State and Holy Occasions, we pull out all the stops and make a pretty good-looking, well-put-together couple, if I do say so myself.  Can't wait for our portrait at an upcoming wedding to prove my point.

What's it like at your house?  Are there discussions of what people are going out to be seen in?  Do you agree to disagree, or are there real battles?  Do tell!

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