Saturday, July 6, 2013

Flora and Fauna

The spring flowers in Maine have captured my heart once again.

The heady bouquet of the beach roses,

the delicate petals of the freshly opened peony,

the drifts of Flocks over gentle hills,

fields of Butter Cups....

Coral coloured Poppies...

Day Lillies...

Honey clover...

the majestic Lupins, impossible to transplant, wonderful to find growing wild, reseeding themselves year after year in the hedgerows, ditches and abandoned fields.

Summer has finally arrived.   Now everyone is comparing how the blueberries are coming on:
 -Do you have any?  
-Are they getting ripe?  
-I saw 3 little, blue ones in my driveway yesterday.  
-Probably in a couple of weeks.
-How long will the season last?
-Until the end of August.

And so, I have been enlisted in the August 4th baking raffle in support of the "Blueberries For All" Brooksville Library Fund Raiser.  What should I make?  I am NOT a baker, but I could give it the old college try.  Is there such a thing as a blueberry cookie?????

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