Friday, July 12, 2013

Pescatora--A Red Flash Across the Water

On Tuesday of this week, we took delivery of our new Banks Cove 22.  We fell in love with her at first sight!  She had been under construction since late last fall at Pemaquid Marine. 

She arrived over a month late and several small issues have not been completed yet, but all was forgiven and forgotten once we finally had her in our clutches.  Everything will come together over the next month, and now we can play!  We'll be island hopping at every opportunity (read: when it's not raining or too foggy.)

We launched of the ramp in Bucks Harbor.  She has her own mooring in Weir Cove just down the road from our cottage property.

Of course, our first order of business was to show off to our friends and neighbours.  
-beep, beep, beep!  Look at us!!

The two cushioned seats under the dodger are where our Grands can curl up to sleep at nap time, or stay safely out of the wind and wet while underway.  Three EZ2CY windows make visibility much easier when checking for lobster pots in our path.

I love the jazzy cushion fabric we chose.  It is so bright and fun.  The builders said it was exciting for them to work on a project that was a change from regular navy blue or forest green.  The red hull was a first for them.

The 150 hp Yamaha engine gets us up on plane at 34 rpms and at 41, we are screaming along at 30 mph.  Soooooooo fast!!!  Our first sea trial was on a cloudy, rainy day.  It was cold out there.

Look!  No hands autopilot.  That is Ted, the builder, teaching me all the ins and outs of how the boat runs.  His wife, Joan, took all the photos.  

Yup, we're thrilled.  Maine is a whole new experience when we have our own boat.

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