Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fun At The Boat Show

Meet Danny...

I saw this guy walking, somewhat self-consciously, around the Newport International Boat Show yesterday and thought he looked kinda weird in a coat and tie with wet boots.  Today I found him in his element...selling Dubarry boots of Ireland.  Who knew?

"Dubarry’s yachting footwear is enjoyed and trusted by sailors worldwide. Even in benign sailing conditions, sturdy footwear is a must. Ticking all the technical boxes, the original Shamrock boot from Dubarry made a massive splash on the coast – the first ever GORE-TEX® lined, waterproof, fully breathable yachting boot developed anywhere in the world."  Dubarry of Ireland...

Danny gave me the whole sales pitch, impressing me with the lengths to which his tech guys go to learn what sailors need for dry, safe foot wear at sea.  He said they monitored the sailing races and learned crews were duck taping gators on the front of their boots and duck taping the toe caps and heels of their boots too.  The newest in safe, dry sailing boots, is now available to you and me for a mere $500.00!!!!!! 

So, Danny, are  your feet dry?
They don't pay me enough to stand here with wet feet!

Hubby and I love the Newport Boat Show.  We've come almost every year since before we commissioned Steadfast.   In the past two days, we learned all we need to know (hopefully all) about towing Pescatora behind Steadfast, and who will be our supplier for all the gear we will need.  We have up-graded our emergency medical supplies.   In theory, we will now be able to deal with cardiac arrest, anaphylactic shock, and bronchial spasms.  Of course, I retired as a registered nurse last December.  People will have to be conscious enough to sign Good Samaritan Waivers before I can help them.

This is our last hurrah for the summer boating season, unless our #2 Son takes us Sailing on Lake Ontario when we get home.  We will be land based until Christmas.  Stay tuned for stories of Autumn in south-central Canada, winter in the Rocky Mountains, and missing the Grands.  We'll be back on the water January first!  

In the meantime, I'm thinking sunshine yellow quilt tops:  Fabric fun.

Have you packed away your white slacks and flip flops?  Do you still cook on the BBQ in the off season?  Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  Isn't it amazing how quickly the seasons fly by, one after the other now that we aren't 16 years old anymore??????

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