Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pond Island in Penobscot Bay

This sassy seagull refuged to give way as we made our way to the dock in Weir Cove.  A not-so-clear, but calm day on the Bay and we were off to Pond Island for a little jaunt in our red boat while the fog and weather held off.

I love stopping the boat off Spectacle Island to listen to the bells on this junction buoy.  The gentle gong sounds evoke feelings of calm and safety that I can conjure up from memory any time I need them.

Low tide and getting lower.

These orange and red kayaks made a striking contrast on the scrabbly, grey-brown beach.

If one has the man-power and a small enough boat, it's easy to deal with rising and falling tides.

We deployed anchors fore and aft and kept having to adjust them as the water levels got lower under the keel.

I can't remember being on Pond with such a very low tide, making for an enormous beach.

 What a striking skyscape!

These hale and hearty beach roses thrive in this salty environment.  

I was jealous of this pro's tripod, but it just seems like so much hassle to haul it around.

Believe me when I say, it was a challenge to whittle down the selection of photos to share with you today.  It was the perfect photo op and I got tons of great shots.

Pescatora has been hauled out of the water for the season now.  She is back at Pemaquid Marine for the finishing touches they hadn't had time for earlier.  Who knows if/when you might see photos of her surrounded by palm trees and big fish????  Stay tuned.

Do you like island hoping as much as we do?  Where do you like to come ashore and picnic or comb the beach?

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