Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Back of Beyond

Believe it or not, there are still places on the planet where the 21st century has no hold.  No TV.  No radio.  No internet. 

For the past week, Steadfast has languished/relished her stay, in the Pond at Normans Cay.  Up with the sun and to bed by 8 pm, we have had a quiet and restful time out.

The Pond, as opposed to the Cut, where Carlo’s downed airplane still sits from 1979, is the quintessential hurricane hole.  Protected from the raging currents and storms on the Bank or the Sound, this is the perfect hideaway from the demands of Social Media.  We came in, and will leave on a high tide.  With a 4.5 foot draft, Steadfast is just able to make it in the narrow channel and into the haven of the Pond.

Winds have been high and the seas have been turbulent this week, but we are safe and at peace inside.

Our Boating Buddies have been here for more than a month.  Gail adopted one specific beach of the dozens on Normans Cay Sound-side.  She has cleaned up six piles of trash washed ashore to the high water mark--mostly plastic.  One aspect of the 21st century has definitely invaded here.

On our last morning, the wind had died down to 5 knots.  Calm, clear and delightful!  The sea called our names and Gail and I headed out to fish at the 8 am change of tide.

Behold, the conquering heroes return!

After a mere 45 minutes and one quart of gasoline, we had boated two huge bull Dolphin Fish. Here's a hint:  follow the Frigate Birds when you see them.

I cleaned my catch on my knees, on the swim platform of Steadfast.

Deno cleaned Gail's for her, off the tail of his skiff.

We have been happily entertained here, taking turns hosting suppers, or having beach BBQ’s.

Gail shared her kayaks with me.  We paddled to the low tide flats to explore. 

Bentley, the big red dog, comes for the ride.   The sun sparkles on the water.

Baby conch. 

When he thought I was gone and no longer a threat, he poked out his eyes and began searching for food.

A plover, or an Oyster Eater, with a long bill and big feet, was fishing too.

I love this shot with three sets of foot prints:  the bird, a conch and mine.

I have no idea what makes these little mountains of sand with the extruded tubules of hard-packed sand.

Long time readers will remember my hilarious episode with the Picnic Time Sun Shade.  It seems neither Captain B nor I have grown any more “adult” with the passage of time.  After tying it down on the front deck for the past four days, it is now an exploded yellow guest in our forward cabin.  We can NOT get it back in its bag.  We are waiting for internet access to once more be coached by YouTube videos on how to wrestle the monster back into submission.

Well folks, that’s the news to date.  We hope you are surviving winter in the neighbourhoods back home.  Think of us in the sun and feel warm.

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