Saturday, February 15, 2014



So excited!  You have a two week sailing charter in the Bahamas starting this afternoon.  Your taxi drops you off from the airport, at the marina office.  A solemn young man drives you to your slip, never saying a single word.  He shakes his head, shrugs his shoulders and turns away as you gasp and slap your forehead.  Is this a joke?

This is what we saw as we pulled in yesterday...

The charter guests are due today, along with the insurance adjuster and another boat.  They say this is not a total write-off, repairable, but there will definitely be consequences...for somebody.

I spoke with the helmsman who ran into the fixed bridge over Potters Cay.  She says she is lucky to be alive.  When the mast went down and the jib flew off the bow, she was crushed against the steering wheel on the fly bridge of the 45 foot Lagoon Cat.

-So how exactly did it happen that you ran into the bridge?

-Well the mast caught....

-How tall is your mast?

-I have no idea. ( a telling statement)  It's not listed anywhere in the boat documentation....  Google it?  There are three different styles and who knows which one they used?  Nobody answers on the radio when you hail the bridge and there were no signs anywhere about water levels.

Yes, accidents happen.  I'm trying really, really hard here not to be judgemental, but who takes a  honking great mast under bridges without checking first if it'll fit?  hmmm....

On another note,  how was your Valentines Day?  We got in too late to make it to Cafe Martinique, our first choice for dinner.  We had a most enjoyable feast at Virgil's BBQ.  The service was excellent, the wine was good and the food was delicious.  A good time was had by all.

                                                        My happy Valentine, yesterday.
                                                                Not so happy today.
                                                  Something about being over-served.  :)

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