Thursday, February 6, 2014

Homesteading At Sea

Short of having my own chickens and pigs on board, I am scavenging, growing, making and catching our dinners.  I make bread.  I sprout greens.  I grow a deplorable tray of scraggly lettuce and herbs.  And now...I have mastered the art of Greek Yogurt!  Tada!!!!

I had thought it was a very complicated new way of making yogurt.  As I googled and studied, I decided to just make regular yogurt and add one more step.  The milk and culture sit for 6 to 8 hours in the wide-mouth thermoses.

Once the milk has solidified to the point that it moves as one mass when I tilt the thermos to check, it's ready to be strained thru cheese cloth.  It goes in the fridge for 2 - 4 hours, or usually in my case, overnight.

Once it has strained, it becomes the consistency of Ricotta Cheese.

 What is left behind is the whey.  In my reading, I saw that some people (REAL homesteaders) use the whey in cooking, or even to drink.  Gag.....

The up side of all this is thick, delicious, supper wonderful yogurt.

The down side is the seeming waste.  I use twice the milk to make one container of Greek yogurt as I would for the regular yogurt.

What are we making for supper tonight?  We are doing the Compass Cay happy hour snacks as the sun goes down and then if we are still peckish, probably a frozen pizza to fill the gap.  Did I mention the deep freezer on the fly bridge.  Every good homesteader has one, especially at sea  :)

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