Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spring Has Sprung....Finally!

Friends in Britain and the deep South have been extolling the delights of spring for some time now.  Easter came and went, and Ontario was still shivering with the daily frosts.  We occupied ourselves with diversions, trying to keep warm.

We decided it was time for the annual hair cuts.

What a transformation!

Everyone was in a jolly mood.

The die-hards bundled up and went golfing....
even in the rain, the wind and the flooded, muddy mess of it all.

You know it's wet when the sand trap has become a water hazard!

It's taken five weeks, but these chocolate bunnies have made way for....

Live rabbits on the lawn.

The flowering trees are now in bloom, just in time for Mothers' Day!

If only every blossom on my cherry tree would yield a red delicacy!

The birds are back.

Gold finches.

Female Cardinal.

House Finch.

Red Wing Black Bird.


The squirrels have become so frustrated by my squirrel-proof bird feeders, they have taken to decimating my tulips for revenge!  Nasty beasts!!!

The garden has been whipped back into shape, after an extremely harsh winter.  I replaced 11 rose bushes that didn't survive.  The trees have burst forth in leaf in the past four days, and the hope for warmer weather seems about to be fulfilled, sooner than later.  AT LAST!  This Snow-Bird, for one, has become climatized to tropical temperatures.  Coming back to Canada before full-on-summer, is a rude awakening.  Still, spring is a joyful, invigorating time of year.  I love it.

How is it where you are?  Has it stopped snowing yet in Alberta?????

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