Sunday, July 27, 2014

She's Famous!

This weekend, the second annual Plein Aire Festival, a juried art competition, was held in Castine.  Chrissy Nickerson Kaech was thrilled to have been invited to participate.  She beat out over 50 other artists for the privilege!

The first day of the big event dawned in heavy rain and fog...

The skies began to clear by one o'clock.  Lunch and a new painting spot, at Dennet's Wharf was a relief.

As the weekend continued, the weather got better and better.  Our favourite artist was seen all over town:  on Main Street, on Pleasant Street, on the Golf Course, on the highways and byways....
She was very productive, painting right up til the last minute of the last day.

Chrissy is very approachable while she works.  Half the fun is meeting those who show interest in her work.

And then, mothering never takes a holiday.  The family likes to visit too, when Mum's gone all day, for a whole weekend!

Finally, the hard work was done and the judging began.
Chrissy won an honourable mention award:  a big green ribbon and a goody bag.  Her work stood out from the others, with her style, bright colour and brush work being significantly different.  Once sales began, the public affirmed the judges' choice....she sold 6 of her 10 paintings!

The Castine Patriot Newspaper and the Maine Magazine both took photos and interviewed Chrissy for up-coming publications.  She's famous and we can say, "we knew her when....."

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