Sunday, January 25, 2015

Are We Having Fun Yet???? You Bet!

Here we are, the happy couple, warm and safe on board M/V Steadfast in Highbourne Cay.

The same old characters are here, for instance, Joe from Cool Runnings.
He's still smiling.

The hat is 15 years old.  He doesn't remember where it came from or what the faded, tattered and torn logo means any more.'s air conditioned, don't you know, and the visor is terrific!  Good for another 15 years.  
-I never get rid of dis hat!

Well, a storm front is coming.  Today the wind and seas were good until after dark, and...the head tanks needed dumping.  

-Let's go fishing!  
We'll have fun and get a chore done to boot.  We can get out onto the Sound and back before everything turns snotty.

a small black fin tuna...I'm happy.

Wahoo!  31 pounds of him.

Our fellow cruiser, Rich, from New Horizons came fishing with us.  He worked hard to reel in this behemoth.  Super happy!

The reef sharks got to it, but we got the lion's share!

Look at the meat!  We fed everyone on the dock!!!  Dock mates happy.

Even the sharks at the bottom of the fish cleaning station were happy.

Everyone's happy.  
It's Better In The Bahamas, Mon!

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