Saturday, April 3, 2010

Look Who Came to Visit

We welcome all kinds onboard Steadfast, but sometimes, there are visitors who do not wait for an invitation.  Not standing on ceremony, these little guys just flew in and made themselves at home.


They are called Bananaquits.  They are about the size of Chickadees, but just a little bit less plump.

Nectar eaters in the wild, these chappies seem to have adapted to the cruising lifestyle.  They will investigate and try anything.

Finding their way in didn't seem a problem.  It was a different story when it was time to leave.  After a few days, the novelty wore off, the droppings on our furnishings could not be ignored, and it was time for drastic measures.  Flapping arms competed with flapping wings. Giggles became noisey "Out, out, out!"

I guess this comes under the heading of Interspecies Communications.

What wild life would you invite into your home?  What other species would you like to communicate with?


Veronica Lee said...

We live in a condo and the only time we had an animal visiting was a stray cat from the ground floor who was pretty good at taking the elevator. She used to stop by at our unit quite frequently!

Unknown said...

Oh how fun! My daughter would have gotten a kick out of that!

Have a blessed Easter!

Jules AF said...

I want tigers to hang out with.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Oh what a great visitor you had coming there! The bird around my around wouldn't stand still long enough for a picture!

Beautiful bird, and great photos!