Saturday, May 22, 2010

Victoria Day Weekend

In honour of my birthday, Canada has inaugurated a special long weekend.  Every year as I turn another year older, I get to have a holiday to celebrate.  Actually, being part of the British Commonwealth, Canada celebrates the Late, Great, Queen Victoria on HER birthday and I get to go along for the ride.  Hey--I'll take whatever I can get--it's free.

Today, the official day, it is pouring down rain, but on Wednesday, when hubby took me to the big city for an overnight, it was a glorious 30 degrees and sunny.  We left our home at 4:30pm, just in time for rush hour and spent the next 2 hours in stop-and-go traffic.  I was at the wheel.  By the time we got to our destination, my leg muscles felt like I had bicycled all the way instead of driving.  Note to self:  leave the standard at home and take the truck next time there's traffic.

Our first stop was the Library Bar where I ordered a gin martini, straight up, with olives, thank you very much.  My hungry stomach was growling by this time, a dangerous omen.  When the waiter asked if I would like seconds and my eyes lit up at the very thought, hubby quickly said no thank you on my behalf.

We found that our bags had miraculously appeared in our room on the 17th floor, the coats hung in the closet and the windows opened to the Toronto Harbour view.  Almost faint from hunger, and a little buzzed from the gin, I metamorphosized into a glamour queen, dressed for dinner. 

Even in high heels, the walk to supper was an easy one.  I found myself seated across from the love of my life in Jump, a New York style bistro.  This is not my favorite style for dinner--noisy, crowded, busy, but I have to say, it was worth it all.  The service was excellent and the food......   Well, I almost swooned at every bite.  The very last morsel was as amazingly delicious as the first.  Grand Marnier Creme Brule was for dessert.  I waddled home.

The Fairmont at the Royal York was our home-away-from-home for the night.  Luxury and elegance at every turn.  Staff were friendly, courteous and service-oriented, going out of their way to greet us and wish us well.  They have just cleaned house and earned their new 5 star rating.  It shows.

Back home again, our local beach is in summer party mode already.  The first long-weekend of the year.  Off limits for Nelson now, the sand and water are claimed by the body-beautifuls, tanning, picnicking, volley the balls and swimming.  Dogs have to wait until it's raining or too cold for sunbathing to visit these days.

Instead of the beach this weekend, Nelson and I are touring the neighbourhood and practicing our manners in public.  I thought you might like to see what one lady has done with a dead tree.  It has been fashioned into a playhouse and so she dresses her little dolly for the weather, and positions her like she is shy or playing hide and seek.  She is the one counting with her eyes covered.

I did some photoshop editing here in keeping with the whimsy.

Do you have plans for the long weekend?  Will Mother Nature co-operate with sunshine and balmy temperatures for you?  Have you found your favourite sun hat yet from last summer?


Kel said...

This kind of reminds me of my mom. Her birthday always falls on presidents day, her in the states, and we always got to have a long 3-day weekend celebration for her birthday.

Copyboy said...

Totally envious of all you beach goers. Being from NYC I usually end up sweating in my teeny tiny studio.

Faith Jaudon said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Rosemary! Looks like you had a very nice one...

Faith Jaudon

le Chef said...

Beaches .. bah! Ours are covered in gook now.
Gotta love BP.

Hopefully I'll get back to some better ones out west soon!
Happy Birthday!

MollyinMinn said...

Happy birthday! How nice of the nation to throw a holiday for you and turn the trees purple. That would make it a great birthday for me anytime (well that and the gin martini).

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I had a great weekend too and I just saw your picture with your newest grandchild posted could I have missed that?! Adorable. What great neighbors you must have for her to turn that old tree into a playhouse and I love your photoshoping everything purple.....ahhhhh, it's always fun come here in the evenings with a cup of coffee every once in a while and to read what's here.