Thursday, August 5, 2010

Christmas Spirit...AKA: Rumtoff

I know it's a long way off, but getting ready for Christmas is best done with a clear head, lots of counter space and right about now.  The sparkle and splash of the Festive Season begins in late December, but in this particular case, it can last all winter, especially if you are frugal and of a sober disposition.  The particular case of which I speak, is Rumtoff or Rum Pot.

My great, good friend Lesley first introduced me to this delightful concoction.  After I got good and hooked, she taught me how to do it for myself.  "It's dead easy," she would say, and she was right.  As per previous posts, you will already know that I am somewhat challenged in the kitchen department, and so it is no surprise that I need the "dead easy" type of recipes to follow.  This one meets the requirements, it is delicious, and a big favourite with my family and assorted visitors. 

For those who want the official rules, amounts and procedures, you can follow this on the web:  Rumtoff

For those who want to wing it, look at these pictures and try not to drool over the keyboard.

First, it's helpful to have a cherry pitter on hand.  This saves you time, but not a mess.  I dug out my vinyl apron for this project and when I was done, it, my hands, and my FACE were spattered with deep red cherry juice.  (Let's not talk about the counter tops and cabinets.)

When I first began making Rumtoff (Rum Pot), I strictly adhered to the official recipe.  Now, I only use cherries, as I don't like mushy, discoloured fruits and cherries always hold up deliciously.  This year, I splurged and added blueberries.  Sugar.  Rum.  What's not to like.


This heavenly ambrosia takes desserts to an all new "high".  Use with caution, and keep out of reach of children.  If you have teenage boys at home, don't say I didn't warn you.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

We were considering doing this last year, but now will have yours to try instead.
Does it travel well by plane??

Peppermint Patty said...

Thanks for your post. My background is actually from Blogger with their new designs.

Unknown said...

Oh Wow Mum!

Looking forward to it...... If I'm there. Good for you. Have you started your shopping too? Just joking.
Actually today Niels and I were walking Main street and we passed a bunch of cute old style lunch boxes. I said they'd make great christmas gifts for the neice and nefew. Im going to get them. Spreading out the job of christmas reminds me of RON.
Love you,

rite said...

Thanks for participating! I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!!!



Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Rosemary, I was just describing Rumtoff last week to a friend. It was mid 1980s at the Labontes that I first 'drooled' over tasting this fruit. So, thank you as I'm considering beginning some. Chris in Victoria

Veronica Lee said...

Sounds good! I've never tasted any before!!

Have a blessed weekend, Rosemary!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks awesome. Have to wait to try something like that though *wink*.

Kelly L said...

YUMMY - should I email you my address for samples... can't hurt to

Love to you!
I've Become My Mother

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect adult topping I can serve at my dinner parties with a dessert or as a side or topping to my roast beef or pork roll. I love it! But I can see that it can get a little messy - but who cares. It'll be for Christmas and I want to go all out this year. Thank you so much for sharing this at the perfect time!


Pat Tillett said...

I want some as soon as possible! On anything!