Thursday, August 19, 2010

Strike Zone!


Then he got me.

Then....after a breather (read:  once I was able to breath again) we proceeded to dispose of the critter. 

I figured we had found the sweet spot and could try again, to rid the place of the whole litter of little skunkies.   I was wrong.

This morning, I found Mr. Peter Possum in my trap.  Have you ever looked at one of these guys up close?  They look like enormous rats.  I don't mind their nice furry backs.  They have nice eyes, and white flanges around their cheeks.  The face is okay until he opens his mouth and shows off his rows of razor sharp teeth.  It's that ratty tail that totally creeps me out!

I am not discouraged.  There is still a half jar of peanut butter left to keep making the sandwiches they all love.  There are two more nights before we leave for our belated Maine vacation, so technically, I could still catch 2 more skunks. 

No, I am not discouraged--I am determined.  Just call me Saint know the Sainted man who rid Ireland of snakes?  My mission is to rid Our Town of Skunks!


Matty said...

Nice job. But dang, stay out of the way. You still have two strikes to work with here. Pick out a nice pitch.

Unknown said...

So, you got sprayed???? NO.....
What are you wearing to deal with the skunks? Id have a whole getup to protect me Just incase.
Good luck. I hope you don't smell.

Unknown said...

Got skunked, eh? That's just rotten..
Let us know if it helped your skin any.. might start a new fad. lol ;-)