Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tragedy Times Three

Number One:  So I'm a klutz and I fell down.  The tragedy (spoken as the ultimate Queen of Hyperbole) is that I ruined my fav pair of capris and mangled my knee.  The worst injury was to my pride, as people came running and I felt the consummate fool.

Number Two:  After surviving a work stint in super-hot Guatemala, and one in the African heat of Nigeria, these boots MELTED on a hot roof in Ontario after a day of installing solar panels.  Have you ever seen Bozo the Clown goose-stepping on a church roof?

Number Three:  One baby bird flying into a window is sad.  Two baby brother birds fatally colliding with a window together is truly a tragedy.  I will miss these lovely Goldfinches in my garden.

In the big scheme of things, these "tragedies" are minor incidents in a happy, healthy life.  Still, they should not go unmarked, noticed for their passing.  Life is a journey of twisted turnings, leading to the molding of character and stamina.  In the end, I will want to have seen it all, and cherished the joy and sadness of every moment.

What about you?  Have you remarked on any small joys or sadness recently? 


Karen Mortensen said...

Ouch for your knee.
That is so sad about the birds. They are so pretty.
That cracked me up about the boots. I have never heard of that before.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww, I feel horrible about those beautiful little birds - life can be cruel. And good for your getting solar paneling installed - funny melting boots and all.

Anyway I was cutting through this very small park on my way home from shopping this afternoon when I saw this mother letting her little girl eat an icecream cone on her own who was getting messier by the second. It was on her clothes, on the stroller, she was rubbing it in her hair, obviously having a lovely time - all the while her mother watched and smiled. I walking towards them was watching what was happening when this another woman walking a little behind me started making comments of approval to me and we to each other and then at the young mother like "hey, that's what baths are for" "you're only young once" "I wish I could do that myself" - I guess you had to be there but it was a happy sweet moment for all of us. That's all I got...it happened today. Africa and Guatemala...you do live an interesting life. Smiles.

Veronica Lee said...

The boots story was funny! You do live an interesting life, Rosemary. Head for Malaysia next! I would love to meet you in person.

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Rosemary, your photos are always excellent! And your writing is very enjoyable & uplifting!!
Just cut those capris a little shorter.
Joys and sadness . . . yes, certainly! This summer, especially, 'feeling for' my daughters!
Christine in Victoria

Unknown said...

Im sorry for the Goldfinches, they were soooo small. Whats Linda W. Going to say when she sees you holding birds in your hand!

Here is a small joy- Arnold is eating egg yolks, and he likes them! Today I only put a little on his tray at a time to minimize the mess, so he got much more in his mouth.
Love you,

Hazel said...

awwww, so sad about those birds, and sorry you hurt your knee too.
I am a new Friday Follower. Would love to have you visit me at my blog!

Critique of the Unique

jules said...

Perhaps you could add a few stitches to your fav capris to see if they are repairable? They might actually look ok again. That is a shame about your beautiful Goldfinches. They will surely be missed in your yard.

Debbie said...

We saw a bird fall into the street and get hit by a car last week. I found myself explaning to a 2.5 year old that the bird got "smooshed" and is in "heaven" now. Then he wanted to find the bird and give it his chocolate milk, and also find the bird's baby's in the next and give them chocolate milk.. and he was talking about the smooshed bird for the next few days. Ooops... maybe I should've been less honest - he originally thought it was a leaf falling out of a tree.

MissKris said...

We have large front windows with bird feeders out front and quite often one of the chickadees will slam in to them. I always hold my breath, especially if one's hit especially hard, but so far we haven't had any casualties. I just love birds and so do my little grandboys...it would just about kill us to find a dead bird out front.