Monday, February 21, 2011

Tagged Again...and...On the Flats

Thank you to  Debra Elliot  for tagging me in the Seven Facts Award game.  These things are fun from time to time, and we can learn interesting facts about people this way.  Of course there are rules:
Thank and link to the person who tagged you.
List Seven Facts about yourself.
Tag 7 others.  ( new, modified rules, cause I don't have 15 friends LOL )

Here goes:
1.  I have been blogging for one year and one month.
2.  I have three wonderful grandchildren that live far, far, too far away.
3.  My husband and I have been married for 36 years, come November.
4.  I am a registered nurse.
5.  I have lived in three different countries.
6  I have visited 23 different countries.
7.  I am a terrible disciplinarian (read: my dog has me well-trained.)

Here are seven sweet friends:

Keeping with the theme of Steadfast Ahoy, here are some shots from yesterdays excursion at low, low tide.
We had a ton of fun getting up Pipe Creek, doing the "African Queen Thing" (dragging the dinghy when it got too shallow to motor it) and finding new, living creatures.

This is the first time I've seen a living Sea Biscuit.  So many quills, he looks like a porcupine gone wild!

We thought this squid was dead, but realized he was playing possum when he lit up like a Christmas tree as I stroked his back.

Did you know that Sand Dollars are even prettier on their insides than they are outside?
And just one that comes from the island, not the sea....
This critter is a Hermit Crab.  As they grow bigger and bigger, they leave their too tight shell  and look for another to move into.  This big boy was definitely looking to move on to roomier accommodations!
Nelson found him on one of our walks.  He nosed it, jumped back about 3 feet and started barking wildly.  The biggest hermit crab we've ever seen.  (You'd think we were in Texas, or something!)

Tell me what grows in your neck of the woods?  Any creatures lurking in and around your environs?

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Veronica Lee said...

How cool that you've visited 23 different countries!
We used to keep a pair of hermit crabs for pets. My avatar is actually a photo of one of them.

Thanks for tagging me. This meme sounds easy enough and I'll certainly bookmark this post for the future when I'm blocked for something to blog about.

Have a nice day, Rosemary!