Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter in the Bahamas

Photos compliments of Chrissy Nickerson

Well, not exactly, but someone is definitely doing the snow thing. Back home, people are checking out likely spots for an August wedding in the mountains.

Wasn’t it just a day or so ago that we were “suffering” in 95 degrees and melting in the humidity?

On Friday, the sea was like glass, not a breath of wind, no-see-ems feasting on our exposed flesh and QUIET was the theme of the day. The worm has turned. “The wind has clocked”, as they say here and we are now “in a blow”. At 9 am on Saturday morning, Jim, out dinghy-fishing on the Sound, reported seeing a waterspout. Around 10, the skies turned black and like someone had opened a faucet, the rains came down in unrelenting torrents. It rained so hard for so long, it was enough to fill the bottom of our dinghy with 10 inches of water. The Fleming 55 next door garnered 10 gallons of fresh water to wash his boat (silver linings in the clouds).

After the rain came the wind--from negligible to 26 knots in no time at all. Steadfast is lashed to the dock pilings with 6 lines and still she is moving back and forth, the fenders rubbing and squishing between the hull and the dock. From inside the aft cabin, the creaking sound of the ropes under tension sounds like an old boat lullaby.

What to do when it’s no fun to go outside to play? For the past three days, I have been holding morning medical clinic onboard: antibiotics and immodium for the cruiser with an Intestinal parasite and dressing changes on an injured hand.

Yesterday, four of us had an artsy afternoon eating grilled cheese sandwiches, drinking pink champagne (funny what some cruisers have stowed away for a rainy day) and making Valentines.

Tonight, a Pot Luck dinner has been planned. Did you hear about the catamaran that pulled into the dock around noon? When they received their invitation to dinner, all 6 of them broke into big grins.

-We have run out of food.

-Today is your lucky day. We will feed you, at least tonight.

The poor captain of their boat was chagrined. He had under-estimated the provisioning requirements for crew and guests for the week. He has earned himself a new name:

Sailbad the Sinner.

What is your favourite rainy day activity?


pbrotherhood said...

It's amazing what we can find to amuse ourselves when we have to.I like the calm and windless myself! Trish B.

Jennifer Farris said...

Rosemary, looks like you have a fun life on that boat of yours! :)

Roy and Christine said...

Now I am jealous. We could use some of that rain. All we get is the wind. Have fun.

Veronica Lee said...

It has been really hot and hazy over here for the past few days. Wish I could just hop on to that boat of yours!

Can't wait to hear about your next adventure, Rosemary!

Manzanita said...

WOW, looks like a fun girl day..... making Valentines. Tomorrow's the big day....Hope it's all red and pink and more fun things.
Love and Peace

Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

I love rainy days in the summer. It gives us a nice break from the heat.

I love to scrapbook during rain or just snuggle up with my kid son the sofa.

Pat Tillett said...

You really are having an adventure!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Unknown said...

I hope the weather is better! And I know you had a wonderful Valentines day.

Tami said...

I love staying in a cozy house during a thunderstorm or blizzard - playing games, doing jigsaw puzzles, and listening to the sounds of the storm. I guess champaign, Valentines and creaking ropes would be every bit as good.

Debra Gray-Elliott said...

Since you are one of my followers on High Heels and Hot Flashes I thought I'd tag you in this writing meme/blog award called "7 Facts." If you choose to partake, go to to see the rules and copy the picture for your blog. Congratulations!