Monday, March 14, 2011

Lost At Sea!

We were on a mooring. 
Land was a ways off.
There was no dock in site.
One was either on board,

Where was Nelson???????

Not in the salon.
 Not in the head.
Not in the forward stateroom.
Not in the guest cabin.
Not in the "garage" a la "Outta".

Where could he be??????????????
I was getting seriously freaked!

Sam decided there was one last place to check--the lazy boy recliner-built-in.  He pulled the lever.
The couch opened into a chaise-lounge.
A blonde head popped up.

There he was, safe and sound.  Unharmed and unafraid. 
Our baby was back.
Joys peculiar to the boating life style!

Have you ever found your pet in a strange hiding place?


Crimsonfirestudios said...

So glad you found your baby! We have an indoor cat that likes to hide in the closet!

Pat Tillett said...

One of our cats is small and likes to crawl into dresser drawers when she can. A couple of times she has crawled from an open one into one that is closed. There she remained, sometimes for several hours. Now we are paranoid about it and close them quickly...

Manzanita said...

That was cute. And he didn't even whimper. No, never misplaced a pet but left a 4 yr old kid at a gas station during a trip, once. No one missed her until we were about 20 miles away.
Love and Peace

Anonymous said...

Glad you found your pouch safe and sound although he is probably mad now because you found his hiding spot :-)

Roy and Christine said...

I can imagine your anxiety. Glad you found him safe and sound.

Veronica Lee said...

So glad you found your poochie!!

Our pet guinea pig loves to disguise as an ornament and she keeps very still on one of the sideboard shelves. Before we knew her strange habit, it took us quite a while to find her!!

Have a nice day, sweet lady!

Anonymous said...

One day, I was walking our puppy one way around the chip trail and our daughter was running in the other direction. The puppy chased after Sarah (who was far ahead and unawares) and I was chasing the puppy. I was concerned at having the pup out-of-sight at her young age. She could have caught the scent of something and gone off the trail. Those with new puppies can appreciate my worries.

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

OH MY GOSH! Maybe he should wear a life vest? So glad he was safe and sound.