Friday, July 8, 2011

Expansion and Beyond

In an effort to whittle down those Never-Say-Die-Ten-Pounds that forever cling to my frame, I have begun a 10,000 steps programme.  Why not?  I've tried everything else!  You would be surprised how long and how far one has to go to take ten thousand steps.  For me, an hour of walking will about do it.  We have a large lawn that needs cutting regularly.  Our drugstore is a mile away, there and back.  The dog park is good for a few.  Pup and I are pacing the neighbourhood and beyond.

And so it is with great enthusiasm that I report the expansion of the Hood.

In the past 27 years, our family has only once visited the park across the pond.  Technically, it was outside our realm and we drove there to go tobogganing.  The Jaycee Park was established in 1975 on the site of the old Welland Canal. Over the past several seasons, a new bridge was constructed to join the park to Port Dalhousie.  Of course, as with any change to the status quo, the proposed plan and subsequent upheaval met with intense criticism.  I was oblivious to it all, away in the Bahamas.  When I returned home at the end of April, there it was--complete and ready for action.

This photo (if enlarged) shows the reviewing stands for the Henley Regatta Course.  The bridge will be a very advantageous spot for viewing the competion come August!

City parks, like High Park in London and Central Park in New York, were conceived around the end of the Industrial Revolution, in the 1800's.  Built to give space and enticement for divergent classes of society to mingle and recreate, the theory is in play to this day in cities the world over.  Our Jaycee Park was used by a small section of our city, left in quiet repose for the most part.  The new bridge has opened it up to a whole new neighbourhood. 

Now Dog and I have wonderful walks across the water, through the gardens, watching the ducks, geese and swans, and counting out many hundreds of more steps.

What about you--does your family enjoy a favorite park?
Do you picnic there, play sports, stroll and enjoy the peace and quiet?


Unknown said...

So pretty! I love the bridge! Since I live on the water, the dog and I usually just take a walk down the beach. Lovely at sunset!

Veronica Lee said...

Beautiful pics, Rosemary! Love the one with the geese.

Anonymous said...

Once again your photos are absolutely amazing!!

Roy and Christine said...

Our favorite park runs along the Concho river. A group of us bike along the river every Monday.

Peace and quiet? We have to watch out for deer and wild turkeys crossing the road in front of us.

You have a good eye for camera shots.