Monday, July 11, 2011

Suppertime Stabbing

A delicious, serendipitous meal with great company. 
Life is good. 

Clean up is simply straightforward.  Lifting the salad bowl from the dish drainer set up an unexpected chain reaction:  Oh-oh!

The drainer tipped.
The plates slid to one end.
I dropped the wooden bowl and tea towel, grabbing for the plates.
The steak knives catapulted into the air and came raining down like a volley of arrows let loose by an ambushing enemy.

The main casualty was my left great toe--stabbed to the bone.

The moral of this story is this:
Sometimes I am my own worst enemy.


Unknown said...

Love the moral! Feel better soon!

Unknown said...

Now there'd be something I would do!
On the other hand.. awesome nail polish :-)

Veronica Lee said...

Ouch! Your poor thing! I remember reading in your previous post how accident-prone you are. Hope your foot heals fast, sweet lady!

BTW - I posted a curry recipe today that requires no coconut milk so you don't have to get your power-drill ready!! LOL!

Roy and Christine said...

Oww. I would have fainted. Can't stand pain not the sight of my own blood. Hang in there.

Unknown said...

Oh no!!! OUCH! Make sure you take care of that! And no more playing with knives for you! lol

Tami said...

Oh Rosemary! I'm not sure whether to laugh or swoon (I don't do even the thought of blood).

Our daughter once stepped on a fork, buried under so much dirty laundry on her bedroom floor she didn't see it, and it pierced clear through the fleshy part on the side of her foot. That one about did me in, too. The moral then was not to let dirty dishes pile up on the floor (teenagers!!) but now I'm seeing that washing them may be just as dangerous.

Plastic cutlery for everyone!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Oh my gosh just reading your post and comments is making me squirmy and squishy. However, I agree with Jamie - fabulous pedi!