Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wedding Jitters

We’re in countdown mode: 12, 11, 10, 9…..

A month ago, or even two weeks ago, things seemed well in hand. All that could be done in advance had been accomplished. Now, however….

The flowers can’t be done til the day before the wedding and we need a dedicated refrigerator to store them.

The cake has to be driven to the decorator this Monday and picked up the day of the wedding. I don't want that job...what if I drop it???   The last-minute To Do List keeps getting longer and longer.

The custom-made off-white shirts came back pretty much white.

The Groom’s black suit turns out to be dark blue.

The pastel ties and hankies arrived in neon colours.
The tent for the reception is too small and the twinkle lights can’t go up until the evening before, right when we should be doing the Dinner with out-of-town guests thing.

The scorching heat is staying in Southern Ontario, while Alberta keeps getting colder and colder. The Bride’s strapless dress needs some insulation.

 Mother-of-the-bride just keeps on shopping. The top—check. The hat—check. A cami for under the top if it gets too hot—check. The bottom (3): skort—check. Capris—check. Long pants—check. I’m set for everything short of snow.

Important things that NOBODY in the wedding party has control over have begun popping up. The hair stylist broke up with her boyfriend this week and will no longer be attending the wedding with him. She has decided to bail on the whole day! The scramble is on to find a replacement on short notice.

Cougars and bears have begun making appearances closer and closer to the town site. This tends to make “some of us” a tad bit nervous about the 20 minute hike up the trails to the Elk Meadow!!!!

No, I am not in a panic, no screaming heebeegeebies, not yet. I am breaking out in a rash, not sleeping much or eating anything. The extreme heat probably has something to do with all that and one always wants to shed a few pounds, so we are not too worried.

Every wedding has a story. Stay tuned and let’s see what evolves with this one.


Barbara McC said...

What is the date of the wedding again? Must be right around the corner. I know you will pull it off in spectacular fashion!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Soooooooooo- I gather things are going just fine then? Yikes! I have a feeling despite all these 'glitches' you will pull off a magnificent wedding.

Tami said...

I understand last-minute changes and wedding jitters, but cougars and bears???? That puts a whole new light on the jitters!!

Good luck. I'm sure it will be gorgeous and wonderful in spite of any glitches.

Veronica Lee said...

Serious? Cougars and bears!! I would be soooo freaking out!

I'm definitely staying tuned!!!