Thursday, August 11, 2011

Randomly Itchy In All the Wrong Places

Well, here I am at The Ends of the Earth (read: Down East Maine), without internet access, learning the intricacies of a brand new laptop (Mac, not Del), and just dying to post pictures of the wedding (they're sooooo good)!  We'll just have to wait on that one until help arrives.  I can't figure out how to down-size the photos in this new operating system.

Random Complaints:
*  Poison Ivy--it's spreading, it's itchy and it's driving me mad!
*  Bumps and bruises from falling completely on my face in the middle of the night--ouch.
*  Hot blueberry juice that squished out of my pancake hit me ifn the face--at least it missed my eye.
*  Allergy to my new sunscreen--more red, itchy ugliness.
*  Grandchildren falling down stairs, getting stomach aches and dying of boredom with the wet weather--how many videos do we have and can we get more in a hurry?

Random Projects On The Go:
* The guys are getting long distance coaching from the marine mechanic, trying to repair the outboard engine for our little boat.
*  I am ripping out inches and inches of knitted sweater pattern that refuses to cooperate with me, re-knitting and re-ripping with willy-nilly randomness.
*  Grand#1is on a mission to find Fairy nests, Edible crab apples and Pirate treasure.
*  Grand#2 is hot on the heels of the men, making them dodge around his smallness.  He is working his way into the Guiness Book of World Records for longest-in-pajamas every day and eating the most blueberries.

Read a good book, finish the jigsaw puzzle, look for beach glass, go fishing, have fun.  What are your fav things to do on vacation?  Ah...the joys of summer!


Roy and Christine said...

Ah, but it sounds as if you are piling up memories that later can be laughed at. Never had gotten into poison ivy so can only sympathize.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a wonderful summer vacation except for the red, itchy stuff happening. OH and try to be more careful walking around, Please.

Pat Tillett said...

These are the things that make up our family memories! Sorry about the itching though...

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Arggh! Computer problems are the worst. Once you learn the Mac though, you'll love it and it will come second nature. (Until it gets a glitch like any other computer). I can't wait to see your wedding pictures, you put so much into the wedding, I know they're beautiful. How did that cake turn out? Well, happy dog days of summer. It's been gloomy at the beach all week. Take a long soak in an oatmeal bath for that poison ivy - always helped when my kids got it. I just put it in cheesecloth and threw it in the tub. I'm waiting for my kids to go back to school for my summer vacation, hehe.