Saturday, January 7, 2012

Delis and Spontaneous Hair Cuts

Hurray!  We're on the boat!!!!!

That means many things to each of us: 

 Captain has spent the past three days in the engine room (a small space where even I can not stand up) either lying on his side or resting on his knees, plying heavy tools, relocating various and sundry mechanisms that mystify me and therefore I can not name, to make room for a new array of house batteries and a new isolation transformer (don't even ask!)

I have spent the same period of time seeking out the perfect set of deck chairs, buying, trying and returning ones that didn't fit.  New cushions from Home Depot will have to do on the same old chairs we've been nursing along for the past five years.  Then there were the four different trips to Whole Foods and Publix, the wine store, West Marine, and the very best Bait store.  My name is "Provisioner".

We have installed a five cubic foot deep freezer on the fly bridge. 
 (Arnold, can you say, "Papa Buz loves ice cream"? ) 
Those who seem to know, assure us that once it's up to temperature (or should that be down to frozen) it won't be too much of a draw on the inverter.  The reason this is super BIG news is because until now we have been making due with a small, under-the-counter freezer for all our meat and bait for fishing, for three months at a time.

I have planted my herb garden.  
I got a new waterproof, windproof, gorgeous West Marine jacket.
I sourced out the world's best Chopped Liver at TooJays Deli and didn't buy nearly enough.
I just happened to come across a "Hair Cutters" salon and got spontaneous.  (My hair grows so fast!)

We think we're ready.
Ready to face the marina manager and his long list of bills for services rendered.
Ready to slip the ties to dock and civilization as we know it.
Ready to stage for the next Gulf Stream Crossing.
Ready to fish, snorkel, beach and boat the Bahamas for the next three months.

Are you ready to come along?

ps. After this post, nobody knows from one day to the next when or where I will find internet connection.  Welcome to Third World Blogging.
Be assured, I will be thinking of you and reading your posts as it is possible for me to do so.


Lucy said...

Be safe and Have Fun!!

Oh, and when you get internet post pictures, I love to travel through pictures!!!

Kelly L said...

Oh so FUN - love the Bahamas - stayed at Atlantis a couple of times.. Wish I could join you - hope you will post pictures from time to time...
Have fun - stay safe - and wear sunscreen!
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Southhamsdarling said...

Gosh, you have been a busy bee! But how exciting to be back on the boat again. Wish I could come to the Bahamas with you, instead of having to put up with the cold English weather!! Bon Voyage and safe travels.

Roy and Christine said...

Good luck and smooth sailing. Looking forward to reading about your adventures. And you take such great pictures. Have fun.

Unknown said...

So excited for you! Wishing you safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I'm ready to come with you!!! I want to see pics of the herb garden lovely lady, have a fun trip!!

Veronica Lee said...

Have fun on your trip! I am soooooo envious, Rosemary!