Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Caribbean Siesta

Jamal’s burgers and chips for lunch at the communal picnic tables was an amiable affair.

-Oh, Steadfast, we met here last winter—I remember you.
-Right.  You were the one who sang the 8 minute rendition of “The Wizard of Oz”!  Good times.

We’d braved the rolly seas from Highbourne Cay to Compass Cay to be in a secure spot for the big blow coming in on Sunday.  

The Babe barfed for the entire four-hour ride.  Mama, Papa, the fly bridge, the main saloon and several towels, rugs and blankets took on the odorous reek of VOMIT. 

Last night’s pot-luck supper and musical entertainment had us all late into our bunks last night, leaving us all a little worse for wear today.  Opting for the easy route of Burgers on shore was a no-brainer.

Even with a finger mangled by the windlass, Dave from "In Concert" was a top-rate show.

Chuck on Guitar.

Matey boy on tambourine.  He definitely knew and adhered to the adage:  Less is more.  A great percussion accompaniment.

And then there was Bev from "Retired Sailor" on the Spoons!

It is definitely blowing.  Even sitting on the sunny side of the deck, people were layering on sweaters and wind breakers trying to keep warm, while holding down plastic plates, napkins, chip bags and hats to out-smart the North Wind’s rapacious grasp.

Gobble, gobble, slurp—lunch was over and it was time for Babe’s afternoon nap.  Funnily enough, all the adults began drifting back to their individual boats with the same plan in mind—SIESTA.

All is quiet on the docks at Compass Cay.  The beach is deserted.  The wind has blown in dull grey clouds.  This afternoon was made for napping.
-Wake me up in time for cocktails.

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Manzanita said...

Well, that looks like a fun, musical attendance at sea. Hope you enjoyed your siesta. Cheers

Unknown said...

Gross and glad I was not along for that 4 hrs ride! LOL

Hope the wind turns around for you all really soon!

Unknown said...

sounds like a lovely way to ride out the cold blowing weather!

Lucy said...

Seems like you enjoyed lunch,music and a nap after the rough rid!
Oh, and 5'o'clock cocktails are a must!! LOL

Sush said...

Had to laugh at the Wizard of Oz singing...sounded painful! Hope you are feeling rested and cocktail hour is in progress!

Veronica Lee said...

Wish I was there to hear the music!! LOL!!

Pat Tillett said...

And a good time was obviously had by all! Great photos Rosemary...