Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Black and White Wednesday

On board Steadfast, water conservation is a big issue.  
Sailor showers are designed to use as little water as possible.  
Hose down.
Turn off the water.
Soap up and scrub.
All done?  Rinse.
Turn off the water and check for drips.
Some books say a good sailor shower uses only a cup of water.  I don't read those kinds of books!!!

The bigger the sailor, the longer his or her hair, the more water they seem to need.
This little sailor had three baths a day--in a five gallon bucket!

No showers for him.  He loved a 20 minute soak.

He looks so content!  
I love his two-year-old-sized polarized sunglasses and hat as he relaxes in his "tub".  His "heat lamp" is the blazing Bahamian sun.


Unknown said...

So great! Ahh to be 2 and content in a bucket!!

Good luck sweetie! Thanks for linking up!

Tiffany said...

Too cute!

Peace, Love and Chocolate,

Southhamsdarling said...

Gorgeous photos today. He looks SO cute and perfectly happy in his little tub!! Hope your trip is going well.

Lisa said...

I LOVE THAT SHOT!!! I hope you win!!! The whole post makes me laugh. :)

~Bekah said...

Such a cute pic!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Mrs. Claus' black and white wed. Is so fun! This was my first submission in it. She is a good friend of mine from church and I love seeing her photography and she lives how she says she does.

~Bekah said...

Oh and our daughter is gonna be 3 in June. Isn't it funny how they can fit themselves I tot the tiniest of places?!!! She can fit in our small suitcase! Hahahahaha and a bucket too!!! Hahaha

Veronica Lee said...

Very cute!! He's a winner!!

Pat Tillett said...

Great photos and very cute as well!
We also have water issues like that when we are "dry" camping in our RV.