Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Harvest Markets

It's official, at least in my mind; it's Autumn.  The nights are cooler, I've brought out the bigger duvet for the bed, I've begun wearing scarves and boots, and saints preserve us, jackets!!!!  Saturday was the beginning of the Grape and Wine Festival, here in Southern Ontario and I have started haunting the downtown Farmers' Market.

Don't you just love the bounty of harvest?  The rich colours?  The fresh fruits and vegetables?  The people???

As I was focusing on the flowers, I discovered someone was smiling and laughing at me....

My friend Brian!  Chowing down on Pepe's Mexican Delicacies.

The ubiquitous Giant Zucchini!

Autumn speaks apples in Southern Ontario.

Harvest ushers in Thanksgiving and Halloween.

Breads and pastries....lunch everywhere I look.


Look!  There's Tom, another friend, doing lunch!  



I'm drooling!

and now....
because it's Wednesday....

Here is my submission for the contest:

Enlarge to get the full feel of the mini pumpkins.

I love the market on a cold autumn morning.  Do you do breakfast or lunch at the market?
Or do you just go for the ambiance and to meet friends, like me?


mail4rosey said...

The pictures are great and I really like your b&w!

Leovi said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful colors that a large market. Greetings.

Tami said...

This is one of the rare moments when I'm envious of people who live in more populated areas. Don't know how far I would have to travel to find this - but I want to.

Unknown said...

SO pretty! I'd love to have a market like that to wander around on the weekends.

Pblacksaw said...

I love going through the veggie section at the flea market near to here.. I adore the photos of the market items.. especially the meat and the mini pumpkins.. Have a great day!

Unknown said...

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