Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Full Head of Steam

One of the thrills of Autumn in Southern Ontario is the plethora of fall fairs.  The one we NEVER miss, is the Balls Falls Fair over Thanksgiving weekend in Jordan, every year.  This year, we had two grands visiting, which made the whole event even more fun.

How much fun is it when a two year old tells you he has to pee, right now, and you don't have his beloved potty with you?

What about the fun of missing the bus and having to walk, drag, carry said Grand for a mile to the gate to get in and then back again to the car when it's time to pee?

Talk about the fun of sharing a bucket of apple dumplings, wood fired gourmet pizza and roasted chestnuts while chasing a wee one out from under the hooves of horses, the path of tractors, or the reach of Bald Eagle claws.

We had a TON OF FUN.

We wandered over to investigate the antique steam engine on display.


and then.....
It began to breath fire....

 and explode in billowing clouds of steam.

The whistle was deafening.
Our wee lad ran screaming for the bushes!

The clouds dissipated and the noise was over too quickly.  
I wasn't ready with my camera.
Could we do it again, please?

The engineer was so nice and very accommodating.

For Black and White Wednesdays, over at Like Christmas Every Day,
here is one for Mrs. Claus.

Second Place Winner!

Do you have fall fairs where you live?
What is your favourite part?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Hiking Balls Falls

The sun was bright and warm.  The wind was almost not there.  A perfect day for a hike.

When our kids were small, and now that our Grands are small, the Balls Falls Conservation Area is the perfect place for an easy outing...tobogganing and cross-country skiing in winter, picnics and fresh air the rest of the year.  Who am I kidding?  Papa Buz and Grandma Roe enjoy an "easy outing" too.

Heading to the Upper Falls.

The colours are just past their prime, but still stunning.

 This tree is REALLY in step with fall.  No leaves, just branches left to drop!  

Due to the severe drought this summer, there is very little water in the Twenty Mile Creek.

 The Falls are a mere trickle on one side.  Nothing is coming from upstream at all!

 In autumn, even the weeds are beautiful, without the competition of real flowers.

 I know that is already snowing in the Rocky Mountains, but here in Southern Ontario, we are still being blessed with warm days to finish up the yard work and prepare for what Winter has in store for us.  How are things in your neck of the woods?  Still warm or are you shovelling yet?  Brrrr....

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baby Barf and Giggles

A ten-day visit with two baby Grands is an over-the-top, non-stop excitement and unending entertainment.  "Pete The Cat" rhymes and songs I hear in my sleep and wake up singing, lilly pads (pureed peas and carrots in pancake form) for supper, sippy cups and juice boxes without end are the coin in the Land of Kids.

How do women do this day in and day out?  How do one man and woman together keep it together under the relentless onslaught?  HOW DID I DO THIS, back in the day?  We were four adults, including the mother, and between us we were barely managing.  Maybe it was because 3 of us didn't know, or forgot, or ignored the rules.  After all, one uncle and two grandparents are those of the spoil-them-rotten persuasion.  The poor mother was run ragged trying to teach the toddler, as well as the rest of us, the laws of Childhood Nation.

The things of all-consuming interest this week, in no particular order, were:

1.  The Excavator currently demolishing and clearing the site for the new tower complex in Port.  Believe me:  if our almost three year old Grand had been allowed to vote, he'd have been all FOR for the development.

2.  Nelson the dog.  Come, Nelson!  Leave it, Nelson!  Go away, Nelson!!!

3.  Nemo the cat.  Where is Nemo?  Find Nemo!

4.  CAKE!!!!!  I want to just taste it.  NOW!

5.  Rosie's for breakfast, lunch, or to walk by and peer in the windows.

6.  THE CAROUSEL!!!!!  Since last June, Our little man hasn't stopped obsessing about it.  The promise last spring had been, "If you go on the pot, you can have a ride...."  Right, we are not above bribery.   The kid is now potty trained all the way and the carousel looms large in his conscious mind.  He probably dreams about it.  The problem is, October is off season.  He did get three rides over two weekends, the last for the year.  phew!

The little ones have taken their mother home to Western Canada now and the dust has settled here in Port.  We have tons of photos to drool over until we'll see them at Christmas.  

We will not be bereft though, two other Grands and their Dad will be arriving for a visit later this week.  Isn't it the best fun being Grandparents?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Can Hear Music

Check out my latest submission to A String of Pearls.  In this issue, I document my coming to terms with hearing aides.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Canadian Thanksgiving

Is my mind degenerating faster than I thought?  Is it that I'm out of practice in the kitchen?  Or is it with all the noise and interruptions I am not concentrating properly?  After three trips to the grocery stores and the corner store for essential ingredients for the holiday feast, my mind's eye suddenly pictured me forgetting to put the "dots of butter" under the top crust of the apple pie now in the oven.

Looks like we'll be having Not-So-Good pie for dessert tonight so I can make a Better one for guests tomorrow.

Children, Grandchildren, a full and happy house--I am so thankful.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Heads Will Turn

While we were in the nursery at church on Sunday, someone commented to my daughter:
-Your daughter with the long hair looks JUST like you!

My daughter and I exchanged a look.
-So, would you say my son looks like a girl, or... do I look like a boy?

Come Monday morning, we called the salon first thing.  Kids' Headz is a salon dedicated strictly to small children.  Yes, they had an opening, and yes, we'd be there in half an hour.  Grand #3 has always had a head of curls and in the past 2.5 years, it's been my job to trim them into a semblance of order once in awhile.  All that to say, this little man knows what having a hair cut is all about.  Driving somewhere to have it done though, is another story.
-This is the way to the airport, he kept saying.  Are we going to the airport?  When will we get to the airport?

As we walked into the shop, our little man immediately homed in on the play area inside the front door and we lost him to the doll house and trucks.  What Grandma noticed first however, was the little boy who had just finished his session.  His face was tear-stained and his breathing was punctuated with hiccoughs.  His mother didn't look much better!  She offered up a wan smile and said,
-It was his first time.

Our BEFORE photos with the long hair and curls.  

On one side of the salon the "chairs" are "cars".  Take your pick:  a pink convertible, a black jeep, or the red sports car.  Our man opted for the red go-fast, complete with spinning tires and loud-sounding horn.

Check out the station...a stack of videos and a VCR.
Our man's choice was, of course, Sesame Street.
Jazzy stripes and bright colours complete the decor. 

I began to ask myself why adults don't get the same amenities?  I guess the repartee with the stylist is what counts for us and then the Baileys, coffee and cookies at Christmas is always a plus.  I'm wondering what they offer here during the holiday season????

Our stylist was a pert young thing, all tumbling auburn curls of her own, a chirpy, high-pitched voice that was only slightly strained, and a determination born of -It's either this or welfare!  I have decided to add this poor woman's job to the World's Worst Jobs list.  

The intrepid hair stylist approached our man, flapping a cape and singing out her name as introduction at the same time.  Grand #3 would have none of it.  -Forget that, just get on with business, I said.


-I'm not really sure about all this...

-I want to get down!

-What is she doing up there?

Once our man got with the program, I wandered around to check things out.  Turns out girly-girls of the Princess bent, can book the joint for birthday parties.  What happens then, do they all get haircuts?'s all about make-up, dress-up, manicures and buying pretty things for their hair.

Almost done.

Looking good!


So...what do you think?
He looks like two different people. 
Gorgeous, either way.
Mum and Grandmum are both pleased.