Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Selfies...sort of....

One of the perks of having guests on board, is getting to be in some of the pictures for a change.  We picked up Mike, visiting from New Zealand for three or four weeks, when he landed in Nassau.  He'd never seen the Atlantis Park/Aquarium, and so....

While we're here, I've just got to show you some of my fav things this time round.

A spectacular sculpture of Flying Fish, very much larger than life.

Sawtooths are actually quite harmless, despite their ferocious appearance.  Their long sawtooth is equipped with electro-sensors to detect tiny movements and to dig in the sand for food.  They never attack humans unless provoked or surprised.  They are very rare now, on the endangered/close to extinction list.  These four pups were born in captivity in Atlantis, a world first!  These "sharks" are actually part of the ray family.  Maturity for breeding only comes at 10 to 11 years of age--a slow process.  That is why the species takes such a long time to recover from over-fishing.

The Tiger Shark.  I love the raised ridges along his body length.  Babies look like Leopards, with spots, or more of a stripped look like Tigers, which fades away as they mature.  These "macropredators" are second only to The Great White Shark for human attacks.  These too, are close to joining the endangered list from over fishing world wide.

These two pictures are sooooooooo cool!!!!!
Mike and I are inside a glass tunnel, inside the shark tank.  We could see the world above the water, as well as the fish in the water.  I felt like we were the ones in the fish tank and the fish were looking at us!

Back to the "selfies".  People have asked (no kidding) to see me at my sewing machine.  This "Feather Weight Singer" machine is older than I am.  Probably the best-made machine Singer ever made, all metal, no electronics or computer chips, unbreakable and a work horse forever.  Thank you, Mum, for letting me have it.  :)

Only a visitor would think a picture of me in the Galley would be a keeper!
Man!  Goggle face tan and I didn't even go skiing.

Not to make you hate me, but to share the sun, the beach, the joy of creation.
We will be heading north again soon.  Boohoo!

It's been a wonderful winter in the islands.  GREAT fishing!  Fabulous Guests!  Terrific weather (especially compared to home).  A relaxing rest before the onslaught of mayhem when we get back to reality.  Yes, I am keeping up with my Bible study homework, and have added 22 small squares to my current quilt project.  I know I am a lucky duck to have this privilege and I do not take it for granted.
Happy Trails to you, until we meet again, a la Dale Evans and Roy Rogers.