Sunday, June 22, 2014

Little By Little, Things Come Together

My goodness!  It's been over a month since my last post.  Back in the day, I used to post three times a week.  Getting lazy, I guess.  The past two months have been a whirlwind of busy for us, opening the cottages, doing battle with the mice, landscaping the torn up property, and MOVING INTO OUR RENOVATED TOWER!!!

You know when you get sideswiped by feelings of wonder?  That is how it is here in our new space.  The outcome has totally surpassed our expectations.  We slowly walk from room to room, taking it all in, saying, "What did we ever do to deserve this???"

Captain B has designed and built a 14 foot harvest table for the new dining room.  No small feat, let me tell you.  He confessed that at the outset, he feared it might be too big a project that would never come to completion.  He beams with pride at his accomplishment now and revels in the well-deserved compliments being showered on him.  Here are the photos:

The first step was building the three sturdy saw horses to support his work.

The leg joints....I love the dowel insets over the screw holes.

Building the frame.  
There are no photos of cutting the fourteen foot timbers because it took two of us to hold them.  Besides, the flying sawdust and wood chips would have been too blurry in the pictures.  And then, there was the fact that we were both coughing and sneezing from the dust!

A great deal of forethought went into the plan to support the length and breadth of the table.  Many brilliant designs were put forth, but in the end, simple and strong carried the day.

No driftwood or beach stone accents were harmed to produce this table.

It took four strong men to carry the table top from the barn to the house.
The final piece-de-resistance was the Deer Isle granite inlay.

The finishing touches....and.....

Ta Da!
We're ready for the feeding of 5000!
And the buying of a dozen new chairs!!!!

The hard work is behind us now and we are ready to play.  The family begins arriving later this week, beginning a summer of delight.  Each day is a gift to be appreciated and I am thankful.

Who knows when I will post again?  I'll see you when I see you.  Until then, let's make each day count for eternity.  Blessings of peace, love, joy and thankful hearts be yours, Dear Readers.