Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fish, Sharks and Birds

Yesterday was a gem of a day!  Clear skies, calm seas.  Perfect for making the 50 mile or so crossing from Nassau to Highbourne Cay.  Here is a representative photo of the peaceful day we had...I was so into it, the camera was crooked!
 Visibility was exceptional:  I spotted a Baracuda, a Nurse Shark, a Dolphin, numerous reef fish and lots of big, red star fish as we were underway.

All those little markings on the chart plotter indicate a coral head which could be anywhere from 10 feet to just inches below the level of the water.  It's always an "all hands on deck" time, everyone keeping their eyes peeled for danger ahead.

Arrival at Highbourne is always fun.  Here you see one set of range markers (aides to navigation) Captain B has to line up to get the correct angle for entering the channel.

Sharks linger at the end of the fish-cleaning dock night and day.  Last year we identified three or four different varieties of them.  I'm okay swimming with Nurse sharks, but Bulls and Reefs?  No way.  We are completely confident that the Marina staff has fully briefed all those cold-blooded fiends on proper conduct regarding the roped off swimming safety zones out front.  Not.

This morning and then again this afternoon, these little Bananaquit birds came inside for a visit.

I am very glad they left their bigger, messy Sand Piper friends outside!

We'll be camping out here for many days.  Nelson has free run on the 6 mile beach on the Sound side.  There is a fantastic restaurant and small grocery story of sorts, and always other cruisers to meet and greet.  Almost time for my evening libation.  Cheers, to my family and friends.  Until next time, keep the faith, stand firm and don't give up.

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