Friday, November 19, 2010

Progress or Regress?

Yes!  The bare bones of the cabinets arrived on Wednesday, and the men arrived on Thursday to install them.  Good news.

In the department of "one step forward, two steps back", we now have to uninstall the island.  Seems that someone forgot we shortened things in the drawing stages, eliminating an open bookcase on one end.  Now the island doesn't cover the hole in the floor.  My beautiful Bruce Armstrong Oak floor!  I know the plumbing has already been cut in.  I know the chopping block is where it is called for on the original plans.  Why can't we just make this work?  Can we move things over to cover the hole in the floor?????
And why is my chopping block so high that I can rest my chin on it without bending over?  Definitely not good news. 

Things are getting weirder and wilder as my grown son, once again living at home, reports we are ruining his house.  Some people have a hard time accepting change.  I am becoming one of them.  I liked my old, broken, needed-an-update kitchen.  Is all this mess, upheaval, and sleep loss worth it?

Out with the old...

Good bye old stove.
I have been advised the end is in sight and things will progress quickly from here.  Who can see that far?  Did I tell you my vacuum cleaner gave up the ghost this week? 
Cough, cough, choke, sneeze. 
I can barely see the keyboard through the dust.

  My youngest grandson learned to walk on Wednesday.  Amazingly, I was on Skype with my daughter at the exact moment Sweet Cheeks took his very first steps.  It doesn't get better than that in the land of techno-wizardry.  Who could have imagined it would be possible to share such a delightful moment while at opposite ends of the country from each other?
This is very good news !

Well, Friday again.  The weeks of never-ending days are flying by so quickly, Christmas will be here before we can say Old Saint Nick.  Again, we have the opportunity to meet new people in the land of blogs with Friendly Friday Follow, Forty & Over Follow and Follow Me Friday.  Last week I found several new friends sharing their fun and foibles, reminding us all that life is good and worth the living. 

Keep the faith. 

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