Monday, January 2, 2012

Post Holiday Blues/Chocolate Withdrawal

The tinsel and twinkle lights are packed away 'til next Christmas.
The cards, letters and photos have been sorted and cut up for crafts down the road.
The kitchen has been purged of holiday left-overs and...
New Year's Resolutions have been drafted.

The party's over--
Let the diet begin!

Hips and thighs have taken on a new, padded roundness, making jeans work extra hard at keeping the seam lines from letting go.  Muffin tops ooze over the belt line.  
Worse yet...
drools drip off the chinny-chin-chin while visions of mouth-watering truffles drop anchor in the forefront of conscious awareness, blocking out every vestige of self-control and abstinence. 

Hanging on by my toenails, I resolve to whittle off 7 pounds of flab before.... 
Who cares when?
Just that it gets gone good!

The time has come, AT LAST, for Hubby and I to head south to our beloved "Steadfast".
She's out of storage and waiting for our imminent arrival forth with.
Three or four more days of driving will have us there, ready to dive into full-time boat cleaning, maintenance and provisioning.

Burn those calories.
Good moves.

Sailing away from temptation will surely do the trick.  No stow-away truffles allowed.
I am visualizing a svelt swimsuit silhouette in my not too distant future.

How are you all doing in the Resolutions department?
Did you make any?
Will you keep any?

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