Tuesday, May 8, 2012


On the weekend, I finished off my time out West with a little bit of off-road fun.

Yes, he's buckled in, but he didn't like his head being whipped around,
so we clung to each other for support.

 Grand #2 and I had a blast in the back seat for the first go-around.
What a bouncy ride, with steep pitches as the jeep tackled verticals of 25 degrees.
I had to close my eyes and stop myself from screaming.  It felt like 90 degrees, straight up!!!

My son was brave enough to allow his father to take the wheel.

When this shot was taken, Hubby was hooting and making unmanly sounds.
Too bad I was't able to get a face-shot of his girly hollerings!

The Can-Traffic Services Cochrane facility has lots of interesting structure to play with for
Black and White Wednesday.

So here is my entry for this week...

I pushed the ISO to create an ethereal effect.
Please enlarge by clicking on these photos to better appreciate them.

This second one is a bonus shot for fun.

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