Friday, August 10, 2012

Black and White Wednesday ...Beached

As always, these photos can be enlarged for details.
This go-fast power boat has seen better days.  Still, it hangs around, soaking up the salt air, basking in the sun, just getting more and more picturesque as the years go by. 

 It's in the same category as the relic old truck in Brooksville that has been "outstanding in its field" for decades now.  

This old house in Stonington was already a study in black and white when I saw it.
A little photoshop editing kept the flag in colour so it would pop out for more interest.

This is my submission for the Black and White Wednesday contest at Like Christmas Every Day.
Stop on by and check out the competition--all good stuff.
Merry Christmas!

ps.  Meet me over at A String of Pearls, where I am a guest contributor this month.
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