Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Extra Thankful

The first weekend of October was when Canada celebrated Thanksgiving this year.  We had a big shindig:  family, friends, turkey "and all the fixins" as they say.  We recounted our many blessings and gave thanks.  Being that we are saying goodbye to friends on their way back to England this week, and being that Hubby is an American Hero, in my eyes, we are doing it all again this week.

Hurray!  Turkey, stuffing, pie, chocolate, music and flowers.

As an early harbinger of the gala season, Christmas Cactus has bestowed upon us a profusion of blooms.  Another blessing.

 To all my American friends, Happy Holiday and may your gratitude be evident for all that is glorious in life.

ps.  The Alka Seltzer is in the bathroom cupboard.

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