Thursday, March 19, 2015

Moving to the Music

I have documented the annual New Year's celebration of the Bahamas on previous visits to Nassau.  You read all about the noise, the hilarity, the wild, joyous abandon--Junkanoo!  On this trip, I witnessed two different events that helped me realize this genre of Bahamian "music" fits any and every occasion:  an Anglican Church parade and a private birthday party.

The horns, whistles, cow bells and drums produce an irresistible cacophony that demands a physical response.  The overwhelming onslaught of sound penetrates to the cellular level, causing each molecule of one's body to vibrate in rhythm with the pulse of the invasion.  Arms and legs begin to move of their own volition.  No need for headdress, mask, wire and papier mache cage bodies depicting dragons, butterflies, giant birds or mythological imaginings covered in mosaics of mirrors, feathers, glitter and beads.

Bodily gyrations say it all:  I be in da Bahamas, Mon!

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