Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot

Suddenly it's summer. 

The radio is announcing heat advisories and the dog is flaked out like a wet noodle.  Nobody wants to move.  The internal temperature in the house is soaring.  I've been running around closing windows, drawing blinds and turning on fans.  Does it help to just move the same old air around inside the house, without bringing anything new in?  The "anything new" would come as a package:

Noise and dust from construction next door
Humidity and

My friend Linda, assures me that it is an old wives tale one should never, ever touch a bird's nest or the eggs therein.  She says our mothers told us that so we would leave the fragile things alone, and I suspect, like Linda's mother, they did not want us bringing home the wilds of nature together with the dirt and bugs that are so often associated with them.  She regales me with tales of hatching robin's eggs on a heat register, of catching and bringing home snakes, only to loose them in the house and of being forbidden to smuggle "creepy crawlies" home.  If I'd been Linda's mother, I would have moved out.  I do not consider it civilized to cohabit with slitherers.

Nest Condos

Mother Robin


Who is nesting in your back yard?

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