Monday, May 3, 2010

I Would Have Missed It All

As March was ending, and April began, you heard/read my wailings about having to leave the Bahamas, the ocean, the boat, the life of a sailor.  I did not want to come  home.  I did not want to face yet another month of terrible Canadian winter.  Thank you all for putting up with my rants and my spoiled-child syndrome.  I got over it.  It takes time, but I usually do.

Everyone says that it was the best winter they ever had here.  They say things like,

"If all winters were all like that one, who would ever go south again?"  

Still, I did see, feel, hate the snow when I got back.  But to be fair, that was when I travelled out west to see the grandkids, while here at home things have been unbelievably lovely.  Yesterday, as I was weeding the front garden, my neighbor strolled by and said,

"It's not even May 24th and already we are at the gardens!  Unheard of."

I live in southern Ontario, on the little spit of land between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.  This is the tender fruit area:  grapes, cherries, peaches, apples.  This means I am surrounded by orchards and fresh fruit all the time.  At this time of year, it means blossoms.  Blossoms like you would not believe, which is why I have to show you pictures so you will go:
"oooooo"  and  "awwww"

The lilacs and iris are in bud.  The birds are back in force, singing to the dawn and cooing in the dusk.Life is bursting out all over.

Just think:  I could have missed it all if I'd stayed in the Bahamas.  It is good to be home for spring.

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