Friday, June 18, 2010

Barely There

On our recent trip to the cottage in Maine, we were told there was a black bear and a cougar prowling the neighbourhood.  Bears are fairly common on the Cape, but cougars????   The little dog stayed in at night and only howled and barked like mad when he heard things go bump in the night.  We took flashlights with us everywhere.

Sunny days gave us lots of opportunity to put in the gardens, mow the lawns, fill the planters, put up the flag and admire the passing sailboats.  We even sat on the rocks at the shore and admired the seals fishing for their dinner.  Of course, being it was Maine, there were the foggy days and days of rain too.  That gave way to rainbows and promises of more to come.  The D.I.E.T. put a dint in cocktail time:  I think I am now addicted to Crystal Lite cherry lemonade.  As the sun sank into the water towards Castine, we snuggled in for peaceful nights of deep sleep.  A good thing too. 

Every year we drive up the lane, hoping to see once more the Old Apple Tree. 

Is it still there?  Has it given up the ghost yet?  Should we take pity on it, cut it down and get over it?

Yeah!  It's still there!!  As beautiful and artfully flawed as always.

Five days into our visit, we woke to find that the bear/cougar had been by on his/her nocturnal roamings.  Looking for ants in our dead tree, he/she left his mark.  My hackles rose and a shiver coursed down my back.  If those five marks came from one big paw....that wouldn't be an encounter I would relish in the dark.

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