Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers' Day

Living He loved me,
Dying He saved  me,
Buried He carried my sins all away.
Rising He justified
Freely, forever.
Some day He's coming.
O, Glorious Day!

Fathers' Day is Baptism Sunday in our church.  What wonderful testimonies of redemption and grace we heard this morning.  The refrain from the hymn above has been in my head ever since. 

Thank you, Father, for your love and mercy in saving even me!

 My Dad died 10 years ago this month.  I miss him always and wonder what he would have to say to me these days from  his treasure trove of Fatherly Wisdom?  He left us a legacy of love and the importance of a close family.  

My husband, who comes from a broken home, valued these traits in my Dad almost more than I did.  He was the one to give the eulogy at Dad's funeral--a very moving one.  He reminded us of how the sound of Dad's flip-flops slapping his heels was the signal to take time out for fun and well-deserved R&R.  He had us remember the roasted turkey dinners, the funny Christmas trees and the endless card games we accused him of cheating to win.  He helped the children remember all the concerts, baseball games and activity and school events he attended to support them.  He had us visualizing all the camping adventures with the whole family, which Dad so loved.  It was 10 years and/or just a heartbeat ago, but I remember.  We'll always love you and miss you, Dad.

Did your church honour fathers in a special way this Sunday? 

Were you able to connect with your father today? 
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