Friday, July 9, 2010

Hurricanes and Other Things Nautical

How Steadfast came to be languishing inside a climate-controlled, hurricane-proof warehouse in Stuart, Florida this summer is a long and complicated story--an epic even:

The 2 week time investment of the trip up and down the Eastern Seaboard via the Intercoastal Waterway.

The wear and tear on the boat, and more importantly the Captain.

The cost of fuel, marina fees, restaurants and incidentals involved in Retail Therapy for the crew.

Insurance for a boat in the "eye of the storm" area during hurricane season.

The Family Five Year Plan.

These are all issues that decided our non-boating status this summer.  

My memories of back-deck cocktails each evening on a mooring in Wier Cove last August are soothing my feelings of abandonment.  We relished those moments of peaceful relaxation after full and busy days ashore.  Regularly, Mr. Maine Native would do a lazy crawl, swimming the perimeter of the whole cove for his after dinner exercise cool down.  The pair of bald eagles did their last fly past just before dusk.  Sleep came easily in the cool after sundown, wavelets gently rocking us into dreamland, to waken at the sound of the local lobster boats heading out to work and the seagulls heralding the dawn.

November the 15th is the official ending date for hurricane season and can you guess where I will be then?  You got it!  I'll be knocking on the front door of River Forest Marina at 9 am. asking to have my boat back.  That's when I get to take all my blogging friends on a free ride, swimming the crystal waters of the Bahama flats, fishing for Wahoo, Dorado and Spiny Lobsters, and cocktails on the back deck.  Did I mention I make wicked crab cakes???

Until then, it's Friday Follow Fun again.  Please your ever-welcome comments to let me know you stopped by, and save the date to set out to sea come November.
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