Thursday, April 7, 2011

As The Anchor Drags -or - Payton Place Bahamian Style

I slept thru the fireworks—missed the whole thing.  Of course, the drama has been building for weeks and this was just the latest installment in the soap opera.  The cruising community is a small one, and as it turns out, an incestuous one at that.  There is no reason to be surprised.  The story is as old as time.
Have you ever wondered where TV gets the plots for daytime soaps?  Who could think up that silly drivle?  Who would believe it in the first place?  If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, mopped the tear-stained faces, consoled the bruised and battered, I wouldn't have believed it myself.  But there you are--life happens. 

Wasn't this Paradise?  Wasn't this the place to escape the crap we left behind in the real world?  It seems life is the same everywhere.  History repeats and repeats and keeps repeating.  The human propensity for sin goes unchecked, people get hurt, the wicked prosper.  If I didn't believe in a final judgment where all things will be made right, I would totally dispair. 

There is one week left until I go home to Canada.  Til then, I am focused on the sun, the sea, the warmth, and my freedom to enjoy them.  The fireworks of tragedy, the splashy colours of hurt and loud noises of pain, will never be far off.  I will observe, study cause and effect and write stories with happy endings to make it seem more palitable.  Restoration is my constant hope and prayer for those who have been hurt here this winter.  May their hearts not harden, but recover peace, hope and joy once more. 


ps.  Blogger is not letting me access my computer photos.  What's going on?  Anyone have any suggestions????
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