Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Waking up to Alzheimer's

Rain drummed a steady rhythm on the skylights, accompanied by riffs of distant thunder. Her face-plant opened one eye.  Unfocused gaze drifted to the window. The rest of her body was still asleep, breathing slow and even, limbs rooted to the mattress. In a sudden volcanic eruption, the duvet heaved as she flipped onto her back. She yawned. She stretched. A scratchy groan escaped her dry throat--
I’m awake. I'm home!

From the sublime to the ridiculous….

It is apparent I am either well on the road to late stage Alzheimer’s, or there is just too much going on in my crowded brain to retain anything more. After four months away, I no longer remember the multitudinous pin numbers for the various cards in my wallet. Phone calls were no help. One had to turn up in the flesh to different bank branches and jump thru hoops to affect change. I’m getting sly in my old age—to lessen the strain on my brain, I have decided to make all the numbers identical!
So many numbers: phone numbers, house numbers, birthdates, bank balance. How many digits, in how many variations is it possible to retain and for how long? It’s bad enough I am forced to carry a wad of plastic in my wallet, but to have to go thru mental gymnastics to use them is beyond the pale.

How about you? What coping mechanisms have you devised to remember your pin numbers?

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