Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Have A New Name

Well, when you change things, more things need to change to make it all work.  You a new dress--you need new shoes, get a new hair-do--you need new clothes and lipstick, get a new laundry room....

The setting for today's post:  the new laundry room. 

Yes, I love my new digs in the slavery department.  The stacked washer and dryer have made room for a folding station, a hanging cupboard, and a lovely powder room.  We haven't had a ground floor toilet for the past 17 years and so you can just imagine how wonderful it is now to feel the need and have somewhere-close-at-hand to go.  Yes, it's all good.  All except for the fact the dryer door gets in my way as I unload and fold the clean clothes. 

I called the appliance people.  They said I could do it myself with a door reversal kit.  Oh Yeah!!

So I got the kit, read the instructions, assembled the tools and fended off my husband's screams of terror.

Besides the metal hardware and the glass window, everything I had to deal with was plastic.  And we all know that plastic costs pennies to make into stuff, and plastic fractures easily, and plastic costs thousands to replace.....  This was the most scary part of the whole thing....prying  up the cowling to remove the handle and hinge covers:

Next, I removed the door.

Then I separated the two parts of the door sandwhich...and guess what?
I got to remove the lint and dust that had collected there for the past five years.  Who knew?

Getting a grip on this thing was a challenge, but taking a picture while gripping and screwing was even harder.

So I got the hinge off and then reattached it on the other side of the door.

Basically, I retraced my steps backwards and got the whole thing back together and working.  Hurrah!
Now I don't have to dodge the door to make my way back and forth to the folding station.

and just because I am soooo proud of myself, I will give you two angles of the finished job:

Now you can call me "Rosie the Rivetter".

While all this was going on, Admiral Lord Nelson (the dog) took it on the lamb.  He met the dog catcher several blocks away from home and went to jail.  $55.00 later...
You will notice this shot is not entirely in focus.  Try screaming at a pooch and taking his picture at the same time and see if you can get a photo in focus....

Now you can call me, "The Misplacer of Precious Puppies".

I heard the name "Marielle" a while ago.  Just saying, if I had to choose....

What name would you choose if you were going to rename yourself?

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