Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mother of the Bride #4

There is progress to report...

We've made a pile of tulle bows to mark the hiking trail to the wedding and in the process, we finalized the agonizing decision about "wedding colours".  People kept asking us
-What are the wedding colours? 
-Well, white, of course, was the response. 
That immediately prompted the comeback, -No...the wedding colours!

How long has this been an issue for brides?  Where have I been?  Isn't the mother of the bride supposed to know these things and how am I suppossed to instill confidence in my Bridie-Dear when I shrug my shoulders and shake my head in befuddlement at these questions?

Anyway...we now have colours.  It will be really colourful, in a muted, pastel sort of way.

Dresses for the three little flower girls are almost done.  They already look adorable.  Now the big question is...which one will get to wear the pink ribbon sash?  There seems to be contention on this issue, as they each ask me
-Don't girls always get to wear pink, all girls, always pink?

Now the Mother of the Bride needs a dress, or at least a decision about one.
Stay tuned.  To be continued........ 


As Blogger has boycotted my profile and won't let me comment on some of my fav blogs, I want to take this opportunity to tell:

K- you are  hilarious and I can't even imagine you on Martinis.
Jeff- you are welcome to cook for me anytime...looks delicious
Boob Nazi- bras were made to torture women.  The prices alone are enough to give a person apoplexy
Amy- I'm with Jake...micromanagement belongs in computer labs...would you like to take over Blogger on my behalf?

If you follow these people, please, please tell them I love them and I have linked to them....I am still HERE!
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