Sunday, October 16, 2011


If Bliss is considered perfect happiness or great joy, I would offer that Bissdom would be 
The Land of Bliss.  
I'm so blissed out, I'm on overload.

Blissdom Canada 2011 is a Writing/Business Conference/Social Media Event.
*  3 days
*  350 women glued to smart phones, Ipads and laptops

*  Fantastic food in un-ending supply

*  Marvellous mentors
*  Articulate, popular presenters

*  Cool, swag-giving sponsors

A N D under the heading of Spa treatments:
*  Manicures
*  Facials
*  Hair coifs
*  Make-up artistry
*  Wardrobe consultations

Together with:
*  Techno Babble that actually taught me tons of new skills and led me down new pathways of learning
*  New opportunities to grow and learn tons more
*  Virtual Overload needing major debriefing
*  Sleep deprivation due to time zone changes, late nights and early mornings.

Last night's Costume Party was the icing on the cake.  Now I can go home, catch up on my beauty sleep, detox and diet off the five pounds of "Blissdom Bunting" around my middle.

Here's CocktailDeeva doing her impersonation of Slash from Gun's and Roses.  Only Dee could so totally pull this off.  She represents Tag Vodka everywhere she goes and in what she writes.  The conference gave a lot of attention to working with Brands and Dee was the most flamboyant example of how it works when it works well.

Look at Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block
singing Karaoke with the crowd!  People were beside themselves with glee.
Thank you CBC for sending some extra love our way!
(Check the links to get a glimpse of me on my knees in gold spangles during the video.)

Last, but not least, here's a shout out to my FUNtastic Daughter-in-Law, Mixtress Sami Joe, who invited me to attend this conference.  Now that you've seen the fun part, is it any wonder tickets sold out last February in just under one hour?

Goodbye Toronto.

Thank you Blissdom Canada for introducing me to new friends and a whole new world of opportunity.
I just love out-of-town-conventions?  Don't you?

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